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WINNER of the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2019 - Plastic Free Award!


Disposable sanitary wear can cause so much damage and is bad for our environment. They are either going to end up in landfill or if flushed away, then in the sea. They can take years to decompose because of the plastic in them and not only that but once they eventually start to break down all those little bits are continuing to pollute our environment. They usually contain nasty chemicals too. It's been estimated that the average woman will use around 12,000 - 15,000 disposable sanitary towels or menstrual products in her lifetime. Quite apart from the sheer volume of waste this causes, just think about the amount you're spending on sanitary towels or tampons every month! 


  • Cloth pads are just like disposables, except you can wash and reuse them several times, therefore saving money and creating less waste.


This set of 3 medium pads are comfy to wear and easy to care for. This medium size is approximately 19.5cm long, and width when closed is 6.5 or 7.5cm, depending on the popper setting chosen. These pads are suitable for average flow, and can also be used as back up when using a cup or sponge. Each pad has a comfy microfleece layer keeps you feeling dry. There are two popper settings on the wing to give a good fit on your underwear and every pad has a size label on it - no more confusion over which size is which. 


Women usually need around 6-8 sanitary towels as a minimum, washing every day, some women prefer to have extra so that all their reusable sanitary towels can be washed together at the end of their period. Each pad consists of a leakproof PUL backing layer in a colour or print, a microfibre core, and a top layer of white microfleece next to the skin with two popper settings on the wing.


Here's the good bit, you can do something about it! You can care for your body, our world, AND save money, and it's really easy to do. Simply change from your disposable sanitary products to using a reusable menstrual cup, menstrual sponges, or reusable sanitary pads, and you'll be saving money every month, and doing your bit for the planet into the bargain. 


Buy 3, give 1.  For every pack of 3 sold, we will donate a pad of the same size to an orphaned girl in Kenya through the Nasio Trust. 


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Earthwise Girls Reusable Sanitary Pads Charcoal Flowers - Pk of 3 Medium

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  • Place the pad fleece facing up and use popper accordingly to adjust size.

    Change pad every 3-4 hours, or earlier depending on flow.

    Machine washable at 40 degrees and leave to air dry.

    Once you have finished with your pad rinse starightaway if you can, this just avoids long term staining. i personally recommend using a stain remover stick for use on stains.  We stock them here Natural Stain Remover Bar

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