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My name is Suzanne and I run Eco Green Revolution, based in the Midlands (I could not be further from the coast if I tried). Being so far away from the sea does not mean litter and plastics does not have an impact on my life, It does, it is literally everywhere and I know how hard and time consuming it can be trying to find plastic free products. Even when you find a plastic free product it can come wrapped in plastic packaging. This is such a waste and so harmful to our environment and the world we live in. There is no Planet B where we can all go to and as conscious customers we have the power to voice our opinions in the way we shop by choosing plastic free products.


I have been living as plastic free as I possibly can since trying to lead a more ‘zero waste’ lifestyle. Personally I think living ‘zero waste’ and ‘plastic free’ is all about making sustainable choices and changes in your everyday life. Every change you make no matter how big or small has an impact.

My ethos enables me to provide you with as many natural, sustainable, eco friendly products of which most will be vegan.


Opening my own online store means I am able to offer you plastic free products that are good quality alternatives that can replace disposable /single use plastics. This is something I am very passionate about and I aim to provide you with as many plastic free products as I can, to help you on your plastic free journey.


To keep the carbon footprint as low as I possibly can most of my products are made in the UK and are from small businesses.

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