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These double edge safety razor blades are great for when you need to replace those old blades in your safety razor. ( They will fit all double edged safety razors). Because these blades are ultra sharp they give a great close shave which will leave your skin smooth and hair free.


  • Plastic free blades

  • Recyclable after use

  • Eco-friendly & sustainable alternative to plastic disposable blades

  • Better for the environment


You get two packs of 5 blades that are plastic free and come packaged in a card box which can be recycled. Kinder to your skin and the environment.



Double Edged Safety Razor Blades - pk of 10

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  • When your razor starts to tug or pull on the first couple of strokes when you are shaving, you will know its time to change your blade. Dont forget you can use both sides of the razor.  This will depend on your hair/ beard thickness, you might find you need to change them every day or once a week or even longer.

    To change the blades hold the razor head with one hand and then twist handle counter clockwise.

    Remove the bottom plate from the razor head and then drop the blade on top of the pegs.

    Then place the bottom plate back over the blade, hold the top and bottom of the head together, insert handle back into the head and then twist clockwise. 

    Its as easy as that.

  • The cardboard box that the replacement blades can come in can be recycled.

    These blades are 100% recyclable. The best way to dispose of them is to buy or make a blade jar once the blade jar is full you will need to ask check if your local recycling centre will accept them. If they do great, take them and dispose of them in the correct bay/ bin. If not take your jar, seal it up and place into your metal recycling bin. Please make sure it is sealed properly and add a note on the side to warn others that it contains blades, but always check with your local recycling first. 

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