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Single use plastic products are literally everywhere, from cups to takeaway packaging to clingfilm to small plastic food bags. To help combat some of the single use plastic packaging and waste that comes from this more and more people are buying reusable lunchboxes. Lunch boxes are becoming versatile boxes where you can not only use it for your lunch but also for your takeaways or even when you’re out and about for that piece of cake you just can’t leave behind.

This deluxe lunchbox is a beautifully made lunch box from sustainable bamboo fibre feature a wooden bamboo lid and an airtight silicone seal to keep food fresh. Perfect for taking out.

They are sized 200mm x 150mm and include a removable inner divider and a small container (with plastic lid)for little lunch extras. There are 3 different designs available

Deluxe Bamboo Lunchboxes

Out of Stock
  • Renewable bamboo fibre, corn-starch and a small amount of melamine resin used as a binder

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