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Bad Medicine by Mack is a cherry scented liquid remedy for bad odours. and will make bad smells smell better. This surface deodoriser traps smells breaks them down and cleans up after.

Good for dealing with smelly footwear, pet beds, cushions and sofas.


MACK has developed a unique range of biotech cleaning products aimed specifically at the domestic market. They are not only eco-friendly they are also extremely effective.


Biotech cleaning products offer the best of both – they perform effectively, cost less and are not harmful to users or the environment. The BioPods are ocean-friendly, suitable for septic tanks, palm oil free and made in the UK.


MACK is proud to have been supplying the Lush Cosmetics production units with cleaning products since January 2020 and loves the fact that it is the only producer of cleaning products whose product is actually used to clean the factory it is made in!


How to use

Grab your clean 500ml reused or repurposed trigger bottle, drop in the BioPod and fill to the brim with warm water. Shake to dissolve, slap on your pre-supplied label and spray hasta la vista to nasty smells. As Bon Jovi warbled “shake it up, just like Bad Medicine”.


DO NOT use as an air freshener and always test on an inconspicuous area first.  

Pack contains a pre-printed MACK information sticker to label a repurposed trigger bottle.


Whilst MACK is still working in the commercial sector, it is now on a mission to make the MACK range a part of everyone’s domestic cleaning regime. The team is passionate about ocean and seas and supports Sea Shepherd, a non-profit conservation organisation that protects ocean life. 

MACK has achieved neutralcarbonzone™ certification and also supports the UK reforestation Tree in a Million program. 

MACK works with Out and About Dorset, a local business that supports the future of young adults with learning difficulties. 

Bad Medicine Surface Deodoriser - Mack

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  • Precipitated Silica, enzyme, natural cherry oil, bacteria, pH neutral

  • All of the BioPods are wrapped in a PVA coating which dissolves in warm (not hot) water. Each BioPod has different instructions, so please remember to read the box before use. If the product is to be used in a re-purposed bottle, the box will contain a pre-printed sticker to label the bottle for ease of use in the household. 

    In their diluted form, the BioPods have no health hazards at all, but in concentrated form, some of the ingredients could be a mild irritant so it is recommended to wash hands after handling the pods directly. Once dissolved in a bottle, the products will remain effective for up to 3 months.

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