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Beebombs are handmade in Dorset. Each pack of Beebombs contains hundreds of seeds and 18 species of wildflowers. The seeds are mixed with clay powder and locally sourced, unfortified soil. The clay supports and protects the seeds whilst they germinate and spreads them as it breaks down under watering. 


Seedballs or seedbombs have been used for thousands of years as a natural farming technique and were 're-discovered' by Masanobo Fukuoka, a Japanese government plant scientist who is the forefather of modern natural farming techniques and was an inspirational writer and philosopher on the subject of natural farming. 


We use the Fukuoka method for making our Beebombs which is universally accepted as the most effective and ethical process. 


  • Beebombs use only sustainable packaging. No 'one use plastics' used
  • Almost all the seeds in the Beebombs are on the Royal Horticultural Society's 'Perfect for Pollinators' list and we are constantly improving the recipe to ensure you get an aesthetically beautiful and a wildlife enticing garden from your use Beebombs.
  • Beebombs will also work in pots and planters with low nutrient soil
  • Helping you to re-create these lost habitats and to help bring back the bees.


Beebombs need no gardening skill and can be scattered straight onto open ground at any time of the year.  The soil will help your Beebombs germinate and the clay will protect them as they dissipate. Lots of sun and rain is of course important, as is time


Once scattered, Beebombs just need lots of water, sun and time. Wildflowers are hardy and adaptable but slow growers. This means that they can be out-competed by faster growing grasses and perennial weeds at the critical early stages, so straight onto soil is best if possible. 

In terms of coverage, one pack of Beebombs, covers 21 square foot or 2 square metres. 


Did you know 

97% of native British Wildflower habitat has been lost since World War 2. 

Wildflower habitats are where bees and butterflies make their lives. This is serious for Britain. Serious for you and serious for your children. Biodiversity is crucial for many reasons and wildflowers are crucial to biodiversity. 

Wildflowers are a little slower growers than many imported plants and flowers. Some will flower in the first year but most will not come out until the 2nd year.

Your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful wildflower meadow, attracting a range of native British pollinators and helping us #bringthebeesback

Your Beebombs will come in a hessian bag with card label attached with string.

Native Wildflower Seedballs - Beebombs

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