This Stainless steel lunchbox is amazing, its so big and deep you can fit plenty of sandwiches in it, infact it can fit your whole lunch,i ts perfect to literally take anywhere with you and is a great combination with a small twist canister. It keeps everything fresh too. Its simple design makes it a winner for everyone as is its strong construction.

It is also great for use in your fridge or freezer for any leftovers you may have.

The lunchbox needs to stay upright as it isn't leak proof as it doesn't have a plastic or rubber seal.

Stainless Steel Lunchbox - Elephant Box

  • Not Plastic



    Eco friendly

    Made from 100% food grade stainless steel

    Easy to clean

    No staining or odours (non toxic)

    Can be used in the fridge or freezer

    Will last you years

    100% recyclable

    Dishwasher safe

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