Stainless Steel Angled Straws 

It has been estimated that here in the UK 8.5 million plastic straws get thrown away each year. The exact figure is not known but we all know how bad plastic is for our environment, coasts and sea life.

Plastic straws are single use so once they've been used and thrown away they take hundreds of years to break down. Straws are one of the plastics that can be found on beaches washed up. By ditching the plastic straw and using a reusable it will have a massive impact on our planet.

This pack contains four angled straws and a cleaning brush.

Stainless Steel Angled Straws - Pack of 4

  • Why choose Stainless Steel Straws

    They are made with 2304 (18/8) Food Grade Steel

    Washable/dishwasher safe



    Plastic free

    Zero waste


    Eco friendly

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