If you're after a zero waste soap made by a company with a fantastic ethos then Primal Suds are for you. Not only will their soap bars help you eliminate plastic bottles of soap but their eco friendly, plastic free, zero waste too.


Caveman Black - is a soap bar which is high in activated charcoal. The absorbent qualities of charcoal can draw out toxins, chemicals, excess oils, dirt and other unwanted micro-particles on your skin, not to mention the exfoliating values it has. The coconut content and super fats in all this soap adds moisture back into your skin. 'Caveman Black' was the original soap Primal Suds developed with it’s very own distinctive, unmistakable spiced scent.


Fresh Cobar - Primal Suds Freshcobar is made with Kaolin…white clay. Kaolin is gentle on sensitive skin. This one also has oatmeal for exfoliation, soothing for skin and believe it or not moisturising. Freschobar is the freshest of the bunch packing a real zesty punch with the Essential oils used. Including Tea Tree oil which is natures answer to skincare.


Xabon - If you’ve ever been on a spa day, that’s what this smells like. With Marjoram, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree this soap naturally coloured with Annatto seeds will chill and relax you and make you wish you were at a spa.


Rood Boi - The Rood Boi soap bar has a mix of Rooibos Tea, Annatto Seeds and Red Clay which gives it’s its unique colour. The clay having amazing benefits and the Rooibos and Annatto Seeds having amazing antioxidant properties.With its warming spicy kick this Tea soap will get you up and ready for your day.


Smoo - Smells like lemon sherberts. It has been made with May Chang, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Lime and Bergamot. a very zesty bar of soap. If you want a bar for a good exfoliation then choose this one with added Spirulina and green clay for colour.


These bars weigh roughly 120g and is 7 x 3 x 9 cm (approx) in size.

Each soap bar will arrive in a compostable box so totally zero waste and chemical free.


These soap bars are perfect for reducing waste in your everyday washing regime, not only better for your skin and body but also the environment. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a wonderful soap bar that will make you smell amazing.

Solid Soap Bars - Primal Suds

Soap Bar
  • Zero waste

    Plastic free

    Free from Palm Oil



    Not tested on animals


    No SLS

    No parabens

    Compostable Packaging

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