These shampoo bars are perfect for reducing waste in your hair care regime, not only better for your hair but also the environment. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a wonderful shampoo bar to suit your hair. 


Switch to a zero waste hairwashing routine is made easier with these solid shampoo bars which are natural and vegan. there are 3 different bars to choose from depending on your hair type. Oily - lemon, normal - chocolate and dry - vanilla and coconut. Each bar is 55g


The Lemon shampoo is great for balancing oily hair due to the combination of lemon oil and Moroccan lava clay (Rhassoul). This bar is suitable for use whilst breast feeding as it contains no essential oils. The chocolate shampoo is creamy and is made with organic cocoa butter that nourishes your hair, and the Fairtrade organic cocoa powder creates an edible aroma. This bar is suitable for pregnant women and youg children. The Vanilla and coconut shampoo has a delicate scent of vanilla and coconut  The organic coconut oil is good at moisturising and will help repair and protect dry hair. This bar is also suitable for use whilst breast feeding as it contains no essential oils.


Naturally sulphate-free means it takes longer for hair to get oily, reducing the number of washes. You may possibly find you only need to wash your hair every few days.


These shampoo bars make a great eco-friendly alternative to your regular shampoo and are a great option for travelling. plastic free and zero waste.

Solid shampoo - Lamazuna

Hair Type
  • Plastic free

    Solid shampoo bar, 55g

    100% natural ingredients - ethically sourced.

    Vegan & Cruelty Free - confirmed by PETA

    Sulphate, Pthalate and Palm Oil-free

    Ideal for travel

    Zero waste shampoo option

    Made in France

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