If you’re after a zero waste soap made by a company with a fantastic ethos then Primal Suds are for you. Who really wants a plastic bottle of shampoo, why not switch to a natural shampoo bar.


These shampoo bars are perfect for reducing waste in your hair care regime, not only better for your hair but also the environment. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a wonderful shampoo bar to suit your hair.


Unscented Shampoo Bar

NONSCENTS is as the name might suggest, an unscented shampoo bar. Perfect to use if pregnant or sensitive to essential oils. It has added highly moisturising Babassu oil which can help soften and restore health to hair over prolonged use.


Dry Hair Shampoo Bar

FENUGEEK is for dry hair, with added oat milk and rolled oats for their moisturising qualities this shampoo bar also contains fenugreek powder which is packed with lecithin which with prolonged use can benefit dryness (not a medical product).


Oily Hair Shampoo Bar 

SHAMSMOO has a citrusy smell, good for oily hair with the citrus oils. With added rice milk and rice powder which can enrich and is said to strengthen hair over prolonged use.


Normal Hair Shampoo Bar

MOP TOP is the one for “normal” hair if there is such a thing. With the addition of coconut milk with its untangling properties and banana powder because who doesn’t know bananas are good for your barnet…..banana barnet. With fruity juniper notes will also appeal to all you Gin and Tonic heads.


All the shampoo bars contain the following:

Marshmallow Root, Jojoba Oil, Argan oil, Hemp oil, Caster oil, Avocado oil, Rice powder, Aloe Vera, Clays…..and individual bars contain other ingredients that’ll sort out your hair.


As you’ll probably know if you’re changing your hair care to a natural route there’ll be a transition period where you may feel like it’s not working, although everybody will be different, just hang in there and keep going.

Solid Shampoo Bars - Primal Suds

Hair Type
  • Zero waste

    Plastic free

    Free from palm oil



    Not tested on animals


    No SLS

    No parabens

    Compostable Packaging

    Rather then Primal Suds telling you all the things they don’t put in their soaps here’s what they do put in coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, Rapeseed, Clays and Charcoal, Natural essential oils , Natural exfoliants and Lye.

    Coconut Oil: All of their soaps have a much higher percentage of coconut oil to the other oils, its sustainable, moisturising and nourishing on the skin, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
    Olive Oil: Moisturising and nourishing. An anti-oxidant.
    We use Rapeseed oil and find its moisturising and lather properties kinder for you and the planet. Where some other companies use palm oil, Primal suds don’t and they won’t.
    Shea Butter: Moisturising, hardens the bars making them last longer.
    Clays & Charcoal: Absorbent qualities draw nasty stuff from skin. Naturally exfoliating, so there’s no need to push too hard.
    Natural Essential Oils: All with different healthy properties, aroma therapeutic, revitalising and smell real good. (If you are pregnant consult a doctor before using).
    Natural Exfoliants: Oats, Chia, Tea, Hemp, Clay, Charcoal…these also naturally colour our soaps, in some cases we use Spirulina or Annatto seeds as they do not use any artificial colours.

    Lye: Lye is Sodium Hydroxide, mixed with water to make an extremely alkaline solution, when added to the fats it undergoes the transformation into soap. Once the process is finished no lye remains in the finished product, it’s changed into soap. Without lye you can’t make soap but don’t worry, people been doing this donkeys years….it’s safe.

    Our soap has a built in scrubbing qualities with the exfoliating ingredients, so no need to push too hard. Let the suds do the work. For those with sensitive skin, apply with sponge or flannel.

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