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Disposable sanitary wear can cause so much damage and is bad for our environment. They are either going to end up in landfill or if flushed away, then in the sea. They can take years to decompose because of the plastic in them and not only that but once they eventually start to break down all those little bits are continuing to pollute our environment. They usually contain nasty chemicals too.

I am absolutely delighted to be be stocking products from Hey Girls not only are these products better for your health and the environment but also Hey Girls are a social enterprise too. If you are unsure of what that means check out the information section below.  


Why choose these reusable pads ?

  • Buy One Give One Reusable Pads
  • Made from 2 layers of micro-fibre bamboo
  • High performing fabric to prevent leaks (PUL is an international standard used in reusable cloth nappies and other reusable cloth pads while being the best option to minimise waste at present).
  • Soft, flexible, comfortable
  • Washable and quick to dry
  • Pack of 5 with wet bag


Why choose Hey Girls ?

  • Buy One Give One Reusable Pads
  • With wet Bag
  • Hey Girls only distributes products to women and girls in the UK. This is because there is a need for products in the UK – 1 in 10 young women have been unable to afford period products. We also believe that charity starts at home. There are some fantastic projects working to eradicate period poverty overseas – many of them led by amazing women doing work in their local communities across the globe. 


Hey Girls Helps UK Girls via Buy One Give One, but how does it work? read the section below


Hey Girls is committed to environmental sustainability in everything they do. More and more women are using reusable products like cups and reusable pads which is amazing, but we recognise that these products won’t be for everyone. That is why our disposable pads and tampons are 100% plastic free, sustainably sourced.and biodegradable  (i hope to stock these soon too). Hey Girls are proud members of the Women’s Envromenstrual Network.


Check out our other products from Hey Girls here 

Reusable Period Day Pads 5pk - Hey Girls

Out of Stock
  • A Social Enterprise is an organisation that functions a bit like a business but exists to fulfil a core charitable objective. Our mission here at Hey Girls is to end period poverty in the UK, so everything we do is ‘locked’ to achieving that mission. We also have an ‘asset lock’ which means that any income generated by what we do is reinvested to help achieve our mission – no shareholder pay-outs, no directors’ benefits, no private profit. 

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