Reusable Organic Cotton Pads with Wash Bag

These large 2 ply make up rounds are handmade organic brushed cotton fabric. They are perfect for removing makeup or applying toner. They come with a drawstring cotton wash bag to prevent them going missing in the wash. These are a great alternative to throwaway single use cotton wool, making them an eco friendly alternative. They gently cleanse too. As they are washable and reusable this means they are zero waste as well as plastic free You will receive 12 pads in a drawstring wash bag. Once you have completely finished using them they can be composted.


They measure 3.2 inches/8 cm


Cotton is a water intensive crop and uses many destructive pesticides. Reusable cotton rounds replaces disposable cotton wool, thus reducing our impact on the environment.


Please note the wash bag is not organic, just the cotton pads


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Reusable Organic Cotton Pads - Polka Dot - Leave No Trace

  • Plastic free




    Reduces your waste

    Zero Waste


    Eco Friendly

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