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Ecoegg Bamboo Towels are an eco-friendly, replacement for kitchen roll. Made from 90 % bamboo fibres, they can be used to wipe away spills, dry surfaces or dust surfaces. Strong and absorbent, each sheet can be washed up to 85 times, giving you up to 1700 uses per roll (each pack has around 20 sheets).


Did you know that standard kitchen roll is not recyclable?.

Because these are made out of Bamboo you are choosing a natural sustainbable product that is so much better for the environment, these can be reused over and over again.  Bamboo is the quickest growing plant in the world and is a great renewable resource.



  • Reusable , Washable at 40c & Multi purpose
  • Reduces waste as they replace disposable paper towels.
  • Low Waste with Plastic Free Packaging
  • 100% Biodegradable 
  • Soft, absorbent and long lasting
  • Vegan & Not tested on animals


Do not tumble dry, iron or use fabric conditioner.

Reusable Bamboo Towels - Ecoegg

  • The ecoegg bamboo towels are made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% PLA from corn starch. 

    Bamboo products decompose into a completely reusable and nutrient-rich composted soil

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