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To keep hair beautiful, it needs the right care. And that includes the right hairbrush or the right comb. The best way to gently comb your hair is by using hairbrushes and combs made of natural materials.

This bamboo comb from Eco living is fully sustainable made from bamboo which is a natural sustainable material and one of the fastest growing too and is more efficient at taking CO2 from the air and producing more O2 than trees. Making it 100% vegan. It hardly needs any rain tor harmful pesticides to survive and regenerate.


  • Plastic Free
  • Sustainable & Ethically sourced
  • Made from bamboo & the wooden pins are made made from pecial wood (hornbeam)
  • Durable 
  • 100% Biodegradable & Compostable
  • Handmade in Germany


To use simply massage the scalp and stimulate circulation. The wooden pins are anti-static and perfectly rounded.


Did you know that natural or wooden bristles are gentle to the hair structure and avoid damage. this brush has wooden pins and a rubber cushion. They have one pin hole free at the bottom to allow airflow.


Measuring 210 x 36 mm. approx

Rectangular Wooden Hairbrush - Eco Living

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