Period Starter Kit - save 10% than if you purchased indivdually


What is included ?


Reusable Cloth pads - This set of 3 small pads are comfy to wear and easy to care forThis small size is approximately 17.5cm long, and width when closed is 6.5 or 7.5cm, depending on the popper setting chosen and are designed for spotting, light flow or as cup/sponge back up. Each pad has a comfy microfleece layer keeps you feeling dry. There are two popper settings on the wing to give a good fit on your underwear and every pad has a size label on it - no more confusion over which size is which. These pads are particularly suitable for teens and women of petite build.


Cloth Pad Wet Bag - These adorable cloth pad/wet bags co-ordinate with the Earthwise menstrual pad range and are perfectly sized to contain a handful of pads when you're out and about. Each bag measures about 20cm x 15cm, the purse has a single compartment and a secure zip fastening. There is also a handy hanging loop.


Natural Stain Remover Bar - This Natural Stain Remover by living naturally works on so many stains,grass, red wine, ketchup, blood, grease, underarm stains, and so much more. Even the most stubborn stains are washed away. Ordinary stain removers contain chemical detergents, but Living Naturally’s Natural Stain Remover is real soap, made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients. There are no artificial dyes or perfumes, just the fresh, clean scent of natural eucalyptus and the deodorizing power of litsea. Will not discolour clothes or fabrics.

Period Starter Kit

  • Reusable cloth pads set of 3

    Cloth pads are just like disposables, except you can wash and reuse them several times, therefore saving money and creating less waste.

    Cloth Pad Wet Bag

    They are perfect for carrying around your pads when youre out and about.

    Eco Friendly

    Natural Stain Remover Bar 

    Award winnning, Certified Vegan, Certified Organic,100 % Natural, Hypoallergenic, Non polluting, Compostable and Biodegradeable, No fillers, No foaming, No bleach, No phthalates, Paraben free, Sustainable, Cruelty free, Zero waste, No palm oil

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