Say no to single use plastic bags. The plastic bags you see in some supermarkets are not needed. Why put your loose fruit, veg or bread in one of those when you can choose a set of organic cotton mesh produce bags instead.

These are a set of 3 organic cotton mesh produce bags. Ideal for fruit, veg and bread. 

  • Plastic Free

  • Machine washable

  • Certified Organic

  • Recyclable (even though these should last you years)

  • Eco friendly

  • Sustainable


Size Guide -  18 x 22 cm, 26 x 32 cm, 34 x 38 cm.

Weight: Tare Weights - 24g, 42g, 57g


Other A Slice Of Green Bags are available

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags - 3 Pk - A Slice Of Green

  • Certified Organic Cotton in India

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