'Mitzi'bath fizzy has been scented with citrus and lemon essential oils, it has a non greasy formula and will soften the water in your bath. This lovely loveheart of lemon reminds me of glorious sunshine. Handmade by Little Blue Hen. So enjoy a nice relaxing bath, relax and rewind after a hard day, so fill up you tub pop in a natural bath fizzy and and enjoy. Being hand made and natural is not only better for your skin but also the environment.


  • 100% vegan from practices to business
  • Recycled and recyable materials
  • Free from Palm oil and its deriviates, synthethic perfumes and other unnecssary harsh ingredients.
  • Free from SLS, triclosan,parabens, phalates, and petroleum deriviates.
  • Every product is assessed and certified by a chartered chemist  to comply with current EU Regulations
  • Minimum weight 100g and comes wrapped in biodegradable paper


We stock a selection of 9 different bath fizzy's from Little Blue Hen to choose from each one contains essential oils and each has a delicious aroma. These bath bombs have been handmade and are wrapped in biodegradable paper to keep the natural scent for longer.


As these contain essential oils please consult your doctor before using one if you are pregnant or if you have a specific medical condition. The ingredients are natural and gentle but in rare cases may cause irritation or allergies. 


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Natural Vegan Bath Fizzy Mitzi - Little Blue Hen

  • Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Essential Oil, Tumeric Powder, aqua, *limonene *linalool *from essential oils

  • Simply unwrap your bath fizzy and drop into running water of your bath and watch it fizz.