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If you're looking for a plastic free sunblock  then look no further. This sunblock by Amazinc has a SPF 50+ It comes totally plastic free in a recyclable cosmetic grade tin. 17.5 grams of basic zinc cream. easy to apply and will not only protect your skin but also the environment as its completely natural and safe for the planet and for marine life. 


It took quite some time and research but we have discovered combination of common minerals that are surprisingly efficient as UV filter and have good attributes when it is applied to skin. We are proud to present the Amazinc! Mineral Shield! mixture of Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Oxide and Lanolin.


This basic sunblock is easy to apply and remove, yet highly water resistant. Amazinc perfected the formula with MINERAL SHIELD compound (Mix of Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide and Kaolin), which provides functional, nature friendly and sustainable sun protection. As a side effect the texture of Mineral shield sun block is smoother as well as easier to apply and take off. 


Feel free to use our mineral sunblock anywhere on the face as well as on the lips. As smooth as it is, mineral shield does not get washed away, it simply stays on your face until you wipe it off with a towel or napkin.


  • Plastic Free
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Ethically sourced and Sustainably sourced
  • Nano Free


Amazinc use only mineral filters and natural ingredients and have developed functional and nature friendly form of Sun protection.



Packed in 100 % recyclable cosmetic grade tin


Other Amazinc Sun Protection products are available

Mineral Sunblock Shallow Blue SPF 50+ Amazinc

£10.50 Regular Price
£4.20Sale Price
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  • Almond Oil, Bees wax, Cocoa powder or Mineral pigments (colour depending), Mineral Shield, ( (Mix of Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide and Kaolin), Olive Oil, Wool fat 

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