This safety razor by Mutiny Shaving Co is a great addition to your zero waste life. It is what you need to help you to achieve the perfect shaving experience.


Each year billions of  disposable plastic razors end up in landfill due to the fact they are made from plastic which is single use. By using a traditional safety razor this will help to eliminate plastic going into landfill. Mutiny Shaving was started to help people switch to a more traditional product and to try to stop people from using plastic disposable cartridge based razors. Making the world a better place.


This three piece safety razor is the only razor you will ever need. The handle unwinds allowing you to place a safety blade into the head. This lovely weighted metal razor with a stunning chrome finish will look fantastic in your bathroom and will last for years. This razor comes with 5 free blades to get you started, replacement blades are available on our website. These razors come in lovely reusable, 100% recyclable packaging. This razor will save you a fortune over the years in shaving, its kinder to your skin and will not pollute the planet like a disposable plastic razor.

Metal Double Edged Safety Razor - Mutiny

  • Everything in this kit including the box is




    Animal friendly

    Eco friendly

    Plastic free

    Minimal 100% recyclable packaging

    Zero carbon company

    Using a safety razor is not only better for your skin, but kinder for your bank balance and and so much better on the environment. It will last you years to come. The soap is 100% organic and natural and vegan friendly. It smooths and moisturises your skin and contains No Parabens and no SLES , just completely natural ethical vegan friendly ingredients.

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