Zero waste skincare has been made even better now with the Konjac sponge. This konjac sponge is made from the konjac plant and is therefore purely botanic. It’s ideal for cleansing, exfoliating and massaging your skin and can be used for all skin types. It is an eco friendly zero waste option that is completey plastic free and vegan


This 100% natural sponge has a soft surface making it gentle, safe and will not scratch skin while washing away dirt and oil from skin, making it ideal to also use on babies and children.

The natural fibres of the sponge help to unclog pores on your face therfore giving you a clearer complexion and softer skin and can be used twice a day.


  • Plastic free
  • No BPA
  • Eco friendly
  • Sustainable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Compostable 
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Ideal for cleansing, exfoliating and massaging your skin
  • For adults, babies and children 


When you first get your Konjac sponge it will have a rough texture to it so when you want to use it, simply soak it in warm water where it will expand and soften. Once its expanded all you need to do is squeeze out the excess water and its ready to clenase your face and remove your make up. When you have finished using it simply rinse and leave to dry. Make sure to hang it up so it dries naturally.


Japan has been using konjac sponges for over 1500 years to cleanse babies.


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Konjac Sponge - Hydrophil

  • made from the bulb of the konjac plant (konjac root - a porous vegetable that grows in Asia).

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