The new Heavy Duty UnSponge Squeeze has just arrived at Eco Green Revolution. They are plastic free alternatives to disposable dish sponges – ideal for eco-friendly cleaning or a zero waste home. 

This brand new and updated UnSponge Squeeze is made with a cotton print top, brushed cotton base and our new cellulose core which brings a whole host of new features that we think you'll love:

Flexibility, Easy foaming, Quick drying And still 100% plant based, compostable and handmade.


Eliminating single use plastic in your life can seem such a hard thing to do but by choosing plastic free products that you can use everyday is a great start. To help you on the way to a plastic free kitchen I have found these eco friendly unsponges made by Rowen Stillwater. These eco sponges make an excellent replacement and alternative for the plastic disposable dish sponges. They are great for your washing up and dont scratch.


Each sponge is approximately 12cm x 7cm 

Heavy Duty Unsponge Squeeze - Rowen Stillwater

  • Plastic Free



    Eco Friendly

    Handmade In the UK