Grapefruit Liquid Castile Soap 250 ml

Castile soap has become a household staple for environmentally conscious cleaners everywhere. You can use it to wash with but also its great for cleaning with.

The name for castile soaps comes from olive oil soaps made in Castile Spain and is made with vegetable oils. Castile soap can be used not just as a soap for washing with but also can be used to wash up with and can be used to get rid of grease and grime. so it has loads of uses, even washing your sink and cleaning your counter tops with and doing your laundry.

Do you have pets ? if so because this is non toxix it can be used to wash your pooch.

This bottle of castile soap means you can dramatically cut your plastic consumption and reduce waste coming into your home in the shape of a plastic bottle. 


There are so many more uses , check out the other uses section 


This is a relaxing and gentle liquid soap made with fruit and flower oils of olive and coconut and scented with Grapefruit essential oil


Do take into consideration that this castile soap conatins essential oils.

Consult your doctor if you have a specific medical conditon or if you are or think you are pregnant. if you find any discomfort when using this soap please discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Please do take care when using this product avoiding around your eyes and on broken skin even though it is a gentle soap

Grapefruit - Liquid Castile Soap - Little Blue Hen

  • If you are unsure as to why you should choose a castile soap then have a little read here.

    For a start these castile soaps come in aluminium bottles with a screw top lid so plastic free. Its completely natural, vegan and palm oil free. So no hidden nasties are contained in this soap. You may or may not know about SLS and that is in most liquid handwashes. So these castile soaps are better for you and the environment.

    If you want to use these soaps as a cleaning product thats great, they are much gentler and you wont have to breath in any of those fumes that are associated with bleach.

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