Have you heard of a Washing-up Soap Bar ? If you haven't then read on to find out about this new dish soap bar. This bar is a new product made in the UK by Primal Suds and has been made as a zero waste plastic free replacement to your everyday squidgy bottles of washing up liquid. 

This bar contains only natural ingredients making it a great eco friendly product to have in your kitchen.

Lots of us will be used to using a plastic bottle which we just squirt ithe liquid into the bowl, because it does not come in a bottle you will need to just put in a little bit of elbow grease. It is a natural yet efective way of washing up.

This bar weighs roughly 125g so will last you a good while before it needs replacing. So that means you can wave goodbye to plastic washing up liquid bottles, forever. 

 As with all soap products, hard water areas may struggle to get a bubble. But bubbles do not mean clean. Thats a myth. 

Dish Splash Washing Up Bar - Primal Suds

  • Zero waste

    Plastic free

    Free from Palm Oil



    Not tested on animals


    No SLS

    No parabens

    Compostable packaging

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