Georganics toothpaste has been specially developed to cleanse and remineralise teeth naturally. High in key minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and natural organic silica, this formula has been created using only the best quality ingredients, all of which are organic and food grade certified. In this collection there is something for everyone, bursting with minty flavours, whitening properties and even specialised kids toothpastes.


This natural toothpaste is blended with wild English peppermint essential oil, steam distilled and certified organic. Research has found Peppermint Essential Oil to be extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria. A bacteria that thrives in a low oxygen environment such as the mouth and can cause gum disease. The fluoride free and SLS free formulation is an ideal replacement to commercial whitening toothpastes.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste - English Peppermint - Georganics

  • Why choose Georganics ?

    Made in England

    Zero waste packaging, plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable

    Gluten free

    Fluoride free, SLS free & glycerin free

    PETA cruelty-free & vegan certified

    Comes in glass jar with bamboo spatula

    Box made from compostable craft paper and vegetable ink

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