If like me you are a dog lover, you are going to love these dog soaps which have been lovingly handmade by Kerri @The Dog and I.

This year their soap won The Animal Health and Wellness Award for Best Dog Skincare Product , so if you have not already tried it now is the perfect time. Formulated from just 3 ingredients you will not find another cleansing product that is so natural and effective. Their soap is excellent for dogs prone to itchy skin conditions or those that are easily irritated by harsh detergents that some shampoos may contain.

They have been made using the hot process method not the cold process method the only difference being they do not need to be cured as long and the soaps get a more rustic look.

Coconut oil is works perfect in a dog soap as it foams really well and is a great cleanser and good if your dog has a greasy coat. Perfect for when you return from a dog walk and they need a good wash.

Coconut Oil Dog Soap -Unperfumed

  • Plastic free

    Zero Waste


    Hand made

    Eco friendly

    No Palm oil

    They shop locally for ingredients

    Ethically sourced Coconut oil

    Cruelty Free

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