This natural soap rest is a great eco alternative to a traditional soap dish. It is made from coconut fibre. The fibres don’t rust or splinter, they are non-scratch and feel soft to touch. Despite it being made from natural materials it’s very durable and long-lasting just like other soap dishes.

This soap rest will keep your soap dry in between uses and helps your soap bar last longer.

Shaped like a pad and looks similar to the standard Safix scrub pad. However, this pad consists of coarser and thicker coconut fibres. 

Once you have completely finished with using it as a soap rest you can use it to clean your sink or bathroom so making it a great all rounder.

As its plastic-free and natural it’s able to be easily composted in your home compost heap.

Size: 7cmx10cm

Coconut Fibre Soap Rest - Safix

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable

    Zero Waste


    Plastic Free

    Non Toxic


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