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Our Budding Gardeners collection as seen in the BBC Wildlife Christmas Gift Magazine is a sustainable, plastic free gift set to send this Christmas, making it a simpler way to grow from seed. If you make a mess our brushes and soap will get you clean in no time.



  • A Mini Dustpan and Brush set
  • A Seedball Tin of Salad Mix
  • A Tough Hands Natural Soap
  • A Natural Nail Brush
  • An Italian Herb Making Kit


Mini Dustpan and Brush Set

This mini dustpan and brush set is the perfect little set for any kitchen. Made of FSC® certified beech wood and long natural vegan tampico bristles with a steel pan. The brush has a handle magnet to connect with the pan for easy storage. Great if you're short on space.



A collection of fast-growing scrumptious frilly salad, in this salad mix tin from Seedball including salad rocket, kale, green and red mustard and cress. Each ball contains around 30 seeds, which can be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill (keep well watered) or in a garden bed or pot. Each tin contains 20 balls, which will cover 3-5 medium sized pots – it’s best to keep at least 10cm between scattered balls  Scatter at any time from early Spring until late Autumn. 


Natural Soap

This Soap bar is for hard working tough hands. Removes tough, ground in dirt and stains like grease, engine oil, nicotine, soil, beetroot, turmeric, paint, glue etc., leaving hands exfoliated and moisturised. Naturally antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal thanks to the added tea tree oil.


Natural Nail Brush

To keep your nails looking good they need the right care. And that includes the right nail brush. These nail brushes are 100% plastic-free and have been made with plant-based bristles. This means they will not shed micro-plastics into the environment. Better for you and better for our oceans and planet.


Italian Herb Making Kit

This Italian herb grow kit from Seedball is a brilliant and easy way to start growing your own parsley, basil and oregano from seed. Each pod contains 2 peat-free coir discs and one seedball with 5-10 organic herb seeds. To use simply remove the seedball, fill the pod with warm water up to the neck and set aside while the coir discs expand.  Then, pop the seedball on top of the coir, where it will absorb water and stay nicely soaked (you’ll need to add more water if it becomes a tad dry). From here the seed balls will sprout within a few weeks and once the growth is well above the top of the pod you can transfer into a bigger pot to allow the plant to fully grow, leaving a re-usable pod for storing dried herbs. 



This gift set will save you just over 10% than if you bought these products indivdually. Packaged with wood wool

Budding Gardeners Collection

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