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A deeply moisturising, all-natural botanical facial oil containing cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil*, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil* the subtle scent of Ylang Ylang essential oil in a 30ml amber glass dropper.


Great as a skin renewal oil, to hydrate your skin,to smooth skin and help maintain a healthy complexion.


This highly nourishing and restorative facial elixir contains a blend of cold pressed and organic botanical oils rich in antioxidants that promote cell turnover and help to improve skins elasticity, leaving your skin feeling soft, radiant and revitalised.


This is a highly moisturising and restorative facial oil that supports healthy skin with:
Sweet Almond oil - a non greasy and gentle oil rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids
Rosehip seed oil - a nourishing oil with anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties
Ylang Ylang essential oil - credited for it's beautiful floral aroma and for balancing sebum (oil) production.

This oil is suitable for most skin types but has an affinity for combination, dry and mature skin types.


*This elixir is 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free + Preservative Free*

Botanical Facial Oil - Regenerative - Salix Moon Apothecary

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  • A deeply hydrating botanical facial oil containing Sweet Almond Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil** & the subtle scent of Ylang Ylang essential oil

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