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A moisturising, anti-inflammatory and soothing botanical facial oil containing Organic Jojoba Seed Oil*, Organic Hemp Seed Oil*, Calendula infused Sunflower oil, Grapeseed Oil with Tea Tree essential oil & locally distilled Lavender Essential oil, in a 30ml blue glass dropper bottle.


This magical facial elixir contains 6 nourishing botanical oils that have been carefully chosen with acne-prone or oily skin in mind. It contains nutrient-rich and moisturising carrier oils that are well known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. These oils are light and absorb quickly into the skin, helping to regulate sebum (oil) production, leaving your skin feeling soft, dewy and well nourished.


This facial oil is suitable for all skin types but most beneficial to those with acne prone and/or oily skin.


This oil can be used as a daily moisturiser and also as an mild acne treatment to help to encourage healing, reduce redness and to help keep blemishes at bay.


*This elixir is 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free + Preservative Free*

Botanical Facial Oil - Anti Blemish - Salix Moon Apothecary

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  • Jojoba Seed Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil**, Calendula infused Sunflower oil, Grapeseed Oil with Tea Tree & Lavender Essential oil

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