Organic Bamboo straws

I'm sure you have heard about plastic straws recently , its been everywhere in the news and as more people become aware of single use plastics and the need to swap to something more sustainable is here. If you haven't got yourself one of these straws then you are missing out.

Bamboo straws are natural, compostable and organic.
These organic bamboo straws are made in a cottage industry in South Asia. It is managed by the owners themselves and grown in their own back garden.

Bamboo is the fastest growing wood in the world, able to grow as much as 4-feet in one day. This makes it one of the world’s most renewable material and why bamboo is so popular at the moment. When the straws arrived they were wrapped in a giant cotton bag say no plastic was used.

Bamboo straws are perfect to use

Bamboo Straws

  • With good care, a bamboo straw should last you a long time, maybe even a lifetime! When cleaning, it is advisable to boil in water and add a little white vinegar then rinse and dry for optimum results.

    Bamboo is naturally antibacterial too!

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