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Bamboo is the fastest growing wood in the world, able to grow as much as 4-feet in one day. This makes it one of the world’s most renewable material and why it is so popular. Im sure you know how un environmentally friendly plastic straws are. Swapping to a bamboo straw is a great sustainable choice to make if you can.


  • Natural
  • Compostable
  • Certified Organic
  • Plastic Free
  • Zero Waste
  • Reusable
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Size 8" (around 20cm) 
  • Great for smoothies, milk, juice.


Brand new for 2020 these straws have been named 'precision' because every single straw is the same infact they are identical in size, shape and circumference. this is down to the making of them. As they come with the Bambu branding on them this means that are USDA certified organic. Bambu are the only bamboo straw that have been certified organic.


With good care, a bamboo straw should last you a long time, maybe even a lifetime! When cleaning, it is best to hand wash in warm soapy water.


90p is per 1 straw


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Precision Reusable Bamboo Straws - Bambu

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  • USDA certified organic bamboo

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