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Amber Spray Glass Bottles 500 ml Spray or Pump Top

If like me you have made your own kitchen cleaner you will know how hard it is to find a decent quality glass bottle to store it in. Look no more, these amber glass bottles are perfect for any DIY cleaner.

If you make your own cleaner, imagine how many plastic bottles you can save from landfill.  These are eco friendly too due to the fact that they are reusable and refillable so reducing the plastic that will enter your home.

Each bottle is 500 ml and comes with a spray pump or press down pump  (this is plastic, but not single use) and each bottle will be delivered empty. You will need to trim the spray/pump.

These bottles can be used for essential oil, perfume and cleaning products and will fit perfectly in your hand and at the same time, are large enough that you won't constantly have to refill!

Looks professional, attractive and stores away neatly.

Amber Glass Bottles 500ml Spray/Pump

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  • Plastic Free bottle



    Perfect to store your hommade cleaners

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