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Browse our growing collection of Primal Suds 

Natural, Handmade,Plastic Free, Vegan and Free From Palm Oil

Primal Suds was created by Andrew and Jen as a result of them moving away from conventional soap products and deciding to make their own. Because they handmake all the soaps themselves they know exactly what is going onto your skin and being absorbed by our bodies. Andrew and Jen have chosen to make natural soaps affordable and obtainable for people wanting to leave synthetic and additive pumped soaps behind, offering natural alternatives without unrealistic prices.

Primal Suds use clays, charcoals and essential oils in their soaps and by going completely back to Mother Nature they choose to use the historic hot process method using activated charcoal not only for its health benefits but to our ancestry soap makers mixing fats with fire ash to develop the first soaps known to man, these happened to be free of unearthly additives as well

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