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Plastic free snacks

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Snacks in my opinion should be nutritious, healthy (but who doesn't love a bit of chocolate, everything in moderation hey ! )and have plastic free packaging.

So, Where to begin ?

Firstly from personal experience I would suggest making a list (Its all about planning) of all the snacks you eat regularly , once that has been done then I would take the list with you when shopping and try and find as many plastic free snacks as you possibly can. You might find especially if you have bulk/plastic free stores on your doorstep that you have a wide variety of snacks at your disposal. Some stores provide a vast array of plastic free snacks and also baking ingredients that you can buy loose. I have visited The Clean Kilo in Birmingham, which is an amazing store, full of plastic free goodness (just remember to take your own produce bags/jars and containers with you to fill up although they do provide paper bags. I have also shopped online at Plastic Free Pantry , all of my produce arrived in paper bags and in a cardboard box with paper tape.

If you haven't got a zero waste store near you then this is where you need to get a bit imaginative and put in a little bit of hard work. The key is never give up, keep looking for plastic free packaging.


Fruit, Popcorn, Cakes, Pizza, Veg Sticks, Chocolate, Ice cream, Ice Lollies, Seeds/nuts, Yoghurt, Granola, Muesli bars, Biscuits the list is endless.

How to keep your snacks fresh

Wax wraps, Greaseproof paper, Produce bags ( I have made some of my own out of old fabric and pillow cases), Containers (if you still have Tupperware, use it , don't get rid just because its plastic, it still has use). I have been using empty peanut butter jars as you can see from my photo above to store seeds and nuts.

Fruit and Veg

I only tend to buy fruit that doesn't have any plastic packaging, apples, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, peaches, plums, oranges, this is thanks to my local supermarket Morrisons. I get my strawberries from a pick your own farm in the summer.

Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumber, peppers again all come plastic free.

Fruit and veg is great made into sticks for younger children, especially in lunch boxes and for picnics.

Cakes and Biscuits

Handmade is the best of course, I don't bake as much as I should if I'm honest. I have a weakness for flapjack and simple cakes. Biscuits are great snack for everyone, I have such a sweet tooth though.

If you have a Lidl near you they have a bakery which provides cakes, pizza and bread, so why not take your own bags with you and fill up on a few of those treats.


Ice cream, I did find ice cream in a block, how very retro, it reminded me of my childhood, In cardboard packaging. I have yet to find a vegan alternative apart from making my own that doesn't come in plastic, so If you know of a brand please let me know.

Ice lollies, I think I am going to invest in my own lolly moulds, I have seen stainless steel food grade ones , but I need to do a bit more research into making them and making sure I can get plastic free ingredients.,again finding them plastic free can be a mission , great they come in a cardboard box but the actual lollies are in plastic.

Chocolate, you can find chocolate now in foil wrappers and cardboard outer packaging and vegan.

Popcorn can be bought package free and it makes loads too

Crisps, why oh why can't Walkers make them plastic free ? I know there's a new brand out there ( Two Farmers )which now make compostable bags for their crisps but I'm yet to actually try them.

Seeds and Nuts

Have you flavoured your chickpeas yet ? These are a great snack when baked in the oven with added paprika on them and if you keep the water the chickpeas are in (aquafaba) that can be used to make so many other things.

Sunflower/pumpkin seeds can be added to salads and are a great snack to have in pots on your desk at work or in lunchbox pots.

There is a lot more un packaged fruit and veg you can buy in supermarkets (since i first wrote this blog post) it is worth shopping around if you can.

Would you like me to add recipes of plastic free snacks you can make at home ?

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