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My thoughts on Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Whether you are a romantic at heart or have nothing to do with this day , there's no getting away from it.

Each year I see more and more large retail shops sell masses of pink and red, cards, flowers, chocolates, teddies. These retailers market their products to make you believe that you should show your love and how much you love someone by buying these products and spending a fortune.

If you are a bit of a romantic but want to keep your day eco friendly and low waste then there's plenty of things you can do for your loved one without having to spend lots of money.

Buy a plant, they last longer

Do a bit of baking, make those love heart biscuits

If you give chocolate, buy it dairy free in card and foil

Buy a card, plastic free of course or better still make your own

Go out on a walk together

Make a romantic meal, why sit in a full restaurant eating overpriced food when you can be at home

I'm all for being in love and being with the one I love but not to buy into all this 'buy me its Valentine's Day' at the expense of our planet. I wonder how much is actually wasted and thrown away the day after ?

Personally, I'd like to keep Valentine's day the day to embrace love with your loved one, keep it simple and not get sucked into consumerism

I'd love to know your thoughts

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