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Anyone for a cuppa ?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Loose leaf tea

This is such a game changer and one of my favourite swaps. Did you know that most teabags are not compostable or plastic free ?. My mind was blown when I first found out, who knew plastic could be in teabags.

Most teabags are sealed with a plastic glue, a polymer (polypropylene). This is used to seal the bag and helps it to keep its shape while in hot liquid. Even though the amount of plastic in teabags is probably minimal, look how many people drink tea with tea bags all over the world so it is still contributing to plastic pollution.

According to the UK tea and infusions association 165 million cups of tea are drunk everyday in the UK and 96% of those cups of tea are made with teabags.

I absolutely love loose leaf tea, it has a totally better taste and flavour, it's good for you and the environment and demands less packaging. I'm really interested in knowing how many of you drink loose leaf tea, which is your favourite and do you buy it in bulk ? Oh and if you know of a really good brand that I can get it plastic free I'd love to try some new teas.

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