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Happywrap was setup with the intention of reducing waste, starting with our reusable fabric gift wraps. Since our beginnings we have been working hard to widen our ethical standards into a more holistic approach. Whether it’s workers’ rights, the environment or animal friendly we are proud of our ethical credentials.

Fair Trade – Our Lokta wrapping paper is handmade in Nepal and certified by the World Fair Trade Foundation.

Made in Britain – Our reusable cotton gift wraps are made here in the UK!  As well as all our recycled wrapping paper, gift boxes, gift tags and packaging materials. This reduces our carbon footprint by buying locally and supports fair labour laws.

Animal-free, natural materials – Natural dyes have been used for the Lokta paper and vegetable based inks are used for printing the recycled wrapping paper. The lokta paper itself, is made using the sustainable bark from the lokta shrub. This shrub naturally sheds its bark every year and continues to grow, so harvesting the bark does not damage the plant.

Wendy is based in the West Midlands (not far from me) she is the founder of Happywrap. “Never throw anything away. Many times I heard my Uncle say these words, growing up in a busy farming household in the Devonshire countryside. There was always something in the sewing pile waiting to be repaired and numerous interesting objects kept until a use could be found for them. Looking back it seems inevitable that this love of beautiful materials coupled with the desire to make the best use of natures resources, led to the creation of Happywrap".

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