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Our philosophy is pretty simple. By only using natural ingredients in all our oral care products, we avoid any synthetic chemicals that have been shown to be detrimental to both your health and the environment. From the ingredients we source, the minimal-waste approach to packaging, to our transparency in all manufacturing processes, these 3 simple values state our strong commitment to the highest quality and lowest possible impact.

Natural, Sustainable and Conscientious

Research soon highlighted to us that nature already offers us everything we need to effectively look after our oral health. Which is how Georganics was born. We started out selling natural, environmentally sustainable and 100% vegan oral care products like our natural, fluoride-free toothpaste, at London farmers markets. Today, we’ve grown into one of the most trusted, genuinely natural oral care brands. We've also gained recognition for being one of the only brands pioneering zero-waste, low impact living, working with nature rather than against it. 

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