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Beauty Kubes parent company is Eve of St. Agnes, an award-winning natural beauty brand and last year, they made the decision to remove all plastic bottles from our product ranges. They wanted to go a step further and eradicate all plastic from our products. They set themselves  the challenge to create a range of toiletries and beauty products that were entirely free from plastics. Although a lot of plastic bottles in the UK are recyclable, not many of them actually make it to the recycling bin. In fact in the UK 16 MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES EVERY DAY* are not recycled but end up in landfill, or discarded. Most plastic bottles in the UK are manufactured in China, so they have already traveled nearly a third of the way around the world before they get to the UK. 

Beauty Kubes are a plastic free alternative to bottled shampoo but they are so much better, they’re not in a bottle or harmful to the environment, they’re plastic free, palm oil free and zero waste.

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